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Page Maker

Pagemaker is the program utilized for productions at Catholic High. Make a wide assortment of distributions in Adobe® PageMaker®, from basic one-page flyers to complex reports. Fabricate your own productions starting with no outside help, or exploit many layouts that you can adjust to suit your necessities.

D.T.P Computer Course

Desktop Publishing (DTP) includes the outline and design of content and illustrations. It is normally identified with printed archives, however as computerized content and web based distributing is getting increasingly prevalent, DTP administrations stretch out to advanced reports. The DTP authorities primary assignment is to modify the deciphered substance soRead More

Basic Computer Course

This course is intended to give understudies the abilities required for essential computer utilize. Understudies are given a concise outline of fundamental computer ideas and are given essential data on equipment, memory, mixed media, stockpiling, systems and application programming.